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If you've been craving to feel more in sync with your passion, more in tune with your gifts, and more confident in your ability to transform yourself and the world around you then listen in...

Image by Lucija Ros

Worthy Witch Academy is opening the doors for its inaugural class.


This six-month transformation through Human Design experience will give you all the tools to learn a grounded approach to HD that takes you beyond just knowing your own type into how to educate and support your community as well.


You will also learn how to leverage HD as an anchor point to grow your intuitive gifts, so you can walk away more deeply connected with your Soulful Self and the change you wish to see in the world.


The timing could not be more perfectly aligned as we enter eclipse season, a season meant for rapid transformation and stepping further into our personal power and alignment.


This particular season is a huge invitation to discover what motivates and drives us forward, including revealing the subconscious blockages standing in the way of us expressing our unique personhood. This is where Worthy Witch Academy is specifically designed to help you step into your highest expression of self. 

Applications are open through October 31st with the academy running from Nov-May with ample time off for the holiday season.*

*We will take 3 weeks off for the holiday season. Our full container is roughly 7 months long to accommodate for this break to disconnect, recharge, and be with our loved ones.

Relax into your
Truest You...

WWA Retreat 3.webp

Join at the PRIVATE + RETREAT level to come together at this gorgeous Florida oasis for a transformational 2-day retreat.*

*barring unforeseen circumstances. Should, for any reason, we need to switch houses, it will be of equal value and still in the state of Florida.

WWA Retreat 1.webp


What should I expect walking away from this learning experience?

You will walk away with a concrete method for better understanding yourself, those closest to you, and those you serve. You will also receive the full HD Codex of all Human Design variables so you can run a chart for anyone at any time and have a breakdown of what their chart has to say. You will have a firm grasp of, and confidence in, your own divination abilities. You will learn a trauma-informed approach to providing support and how to build an ethical, impactful business that honors your energy.


There are no gimmicks or surprises here. You can see the full breakdown, including pricing, so you can make an informed decision.


We believe in doing all we can to dismantle unhealthy practices within the Spiritual Community. Should you desire to join WWA but require assistance, we are proud to offer partial scholarships to those that qualify. When you fill out the application simply put "Request Partial Scholarship" for the last question and a member of our team will be in touch. 

We also donate 2% of all profits to NEXT for Autism.


  • Bi-weekly calls with time in between for integration & catch-up

  • 1 private call with Epiphany

  • The full 100+ page Human Design Codex. Run yours or anyone else's chart and know exactly how to break down every element

  • Educational materials, hypnosis tracks, self-hypnosis training, and grounding + visualization exercises (with accommodations for my fellow Neurodivergent participants)

  • BONUS The Trauma Informed Practitioner training

  • BONUS Build Your Biz by Design training


$597 deposit when you say YES plus two payment options:


$4998 Pay in Full*


7 monthly payments of $714


*Pay in full or pay over time, the total is the same! Should you choose to PIF, you will be bonused a 3-hour virtual VIP day with Epiphany


  • Everything in GROUP plus...

  • THREE private calls with Epiphany

  • In-person 2-Day retreat complete with lodging and food (taking place in March in Florida, details in FAQ's).


$597 deposit when you say YES plus two payment options:


$6979 Pay in Full*


7 monthly payments of $997


*Pay in full or pay over time, the total is the same! Should you choose to PIF, you will be bonused a 3-hour virtual VIP day with Epiphany


For anyone looking to work with Epiphany, JUMP ON IT!  The way she breaks things down, creates a safe space for controversial conversation in a beautifully expansive way, and reminds you that you're wonderfully created, is unmatched! I've invested in several mentors over the years, and I can truly say she takes the cake! As someone with ADHD and anxiety (I'm a projector too), I felt SO SEEN and SO HEARD while being provided tools and modalities to better work within myself, AS MYSELF!  100/10 gold stars, sprinkles on the cake, and champagne all the way!!! 

Jes Lyn

The thing is...people need this. More people than I can personally reach.


The world is hungry for more awareness, more agency, and more empathy for those around them. Together we can multiply the impact across our combined circles and communities. Together we can build a movement.


Isn't it time for you to have the tools yourself so you can take what you learn and

change the world?

For a long long time I've felt miserable, depressed, even lonely despite having a countless many people in my life who love me. I felt like there was a version of me, my truest self, that was like hidden away from the world but dying to come out. I kept her hidden because 1) I am afraid of her (she's bold and confident and powerful) 2) I thought I was the only one who could see her. Then I met you...and you talked about this version of me as though you've known her your whole life. Like I am honestly getting teary eyed typing this. You made me feel safe enough to begin the process of freeing what I now know to be my higher and truest self and I don't know that any well written review could ever truly capture the life changing and life saving reality of that.


Micah Neese

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