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Presented by, Epiphany James
Founder & CEO at On the Rise

Hello and welcome! My passion is for helping you unlock radical abundance through Quantum Human Design™.

Here's what I know, you are here for a purpose and you are uniquely qualified to bring transformation to this world through the work that you do and the communities that you build.


What I also might venture to guess is that your heart for others is stirring up feelings of ick when it comes to selling.

Believe me, I understand. You're not alone. If you've ever felt held back by fears of coming across as too "salesy," "pushy," or "me, me, me," know that there is another way.


Not just a way that works for me, but a way that is design to uniquely work for you. 

Just imagine... you can sell in perfect alignment with your values, radically grow your bottom line, and know on a soul-deep level that you are finally living out the highest version of Who You Are Here to Be (all while having fun).

Are you buzzing from excitement yet? I sure am!


In this training we will cover...

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This training is pick-your-price.

It's my way of bringing you high quality education while still maintaining accessibility and covering basic costs of event management.

I invite you to choose any amount that you are able to invest 

from $1 to $47.

Thank you!

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About Epiphany


When she's not getting films made across the U.S., Epiphany loves teaching the same ethical sales, quantum leadership, and mindful marketing principles she uses inside the film industry to impact-driven coaches + creators so they can live out their purpose, without all the burnout.

 Her podcast and community discussing these topics can be found on She also serves as a contributing writer for and is an Executive Producer and Founder of Paper Phin Pictures LLC.

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