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As a neurodiverse-owned and operated company, we joyfully donate a percentage of all profits annually to NEXT for Autism. 

Image by Kelly Sikkema

NEXT for Autism

NEXT for AUTISM is a nonprofit organization that transforms the national landscape of services for people with autism by strategically designing and launching innovative initiatives.


They are laser-focused on quality-of-life areas that truly promote meaningful impact on the lives of autistic adults and their families in four key areas: Home, Work, Social, Health and Well-Being

Many organizations created for neurodivergent people are not run by neurodivergent people and often cause more harm than good.


Rather than be supportive, well-known organizations strive to find a "cure" for autism. We take a strong stance against that mindset and practice. Neurodivergent people are significant to the survival of our society.


As a neurodiverse-owned company, supporting an organization that is actually ethically operated and effective matters greatly. This is why NEXT for Autism is so special! It is a great privilege and honor to give back.


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Check out more information about the efficacy of NEXT for Autism.

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